Energy update: the divine feminine is being healed from holding unrealistic expectations

Anisha Ana and I do shamanic healing sessions for the collective on a weekly basis. When we feel blockages within ourselves and we cannot find the answers on our own we ask Spirit to guide us through it and this almost always relates to what is happening in the collective energy.

⭐This is what came up today:
For a long time Spirit has been telling us that the divine masculine is ready to unite with the divine feminine but that she does not see him. She still fears getting hurt and she doesn’t trust him. She will make up scenarios in her head about everything that can go wrong and makes sure that her expectations of the divine masculine are so high that he won’t be able to live up to them. This causes her to feel hopeless, disappointed, frustrated, irritated, annoyed, exhausted, depressed, angry.. Every time the divine masculine takes a step closer the divine feminine starts panicking, feels anxiety and gets really angry. The divine masculine cannot come closer and he fears this energy so the union isn’t made possible.

Spirit guided us to ancient Egypt through a shamanic drum session and showed how the Anunnaki would program humankind to live in seperation: they made sure that the the feminine and masculine would fear each other so that they could not unite and use their power together. They changed our DNA coding to prevent from divine unions to happen. Spirit showed us that it is now allowed to change the programming and for the coding to be removed so that the divine feminine can see her true self and therefore her divine masculine for who he truly is.
She is now able to let go of all expectations and accept the divine masculine for who he really is without having any false expectations. Her mental body is being healed as this is where she would hold the image of the ‘perfect’ divine partner that did not exist which caused her to feel despair.
The DNA coding is now being changed and this particular issue was to be found in the back of the head and all the way down to the middle of the back.
The coming days you will feel a shift in your consciousness, an expansion of your awareness and opening of the heart.
The divine feminine is now coming to her full power and divine unions will start happening more and more in the physical. 💞


  1. That coding you talk about, was that housing in the reptilian part of the brain, with an anchor towards the heart, to make sure no unity could take place? As soon as some sort of feeling towards it sprouted in the heart the fear would strike and give a fight/flee reaction to the primitive brain, which withheld is from integrating both parts??


    • We didn’t receive that information. All that it was told is that the Anunnaki programmed our DNA to fear the connection of the divine union so we would live in seperation and therefore not have balance within ourselves.

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