Change of seasons: your time to blossom

Enjoy this message of a commissioned higher self drawing that I am allowed to share from a soul sister. 

“Greetings dear ones. Just as the seasons in your world are changing so are you changing right now. Every time you grow and every time you are becoming a new version of yourself. For many it is a surprise to find out who you really are and what you really like to do. It is a discovery and one that comes from the soul. You must realize how your soul is so pleased for you to come closer to your authentic self every day. You are all blossoming like the flowers in spring, you are coming out of your cocoons and starting to see the world through a different perspective. You are starting to open your eyes now to the truth and you even might see how there is so much darkness in your world when you do this. You will see the pain around you and how others are not living in their own authenticity right now. But think of it like this, dear ones: your seasons change every year and so does your world. This darkness you see in the world will not stay, it is changing just like you are too.

Many more awakenings are happening and many will come to you seeking for advice and for your guidance. 
Remember and understand that energy is not bound to one place and one time and that it is forever flowing and in motion. This energy is all within you too and you are constantly changing. You are not stuck, even if you perceive this to be. You simply cannot be stuck because you are always evolving and you are creating yourself to be the best and greatest version of yourself so far. Earth might be one of the hardest lessons you can experience but the growth you go through is nothing less than miraculous. You do not go through this on other planets for they do not live in the illusion that has been created here. Now that this is crumbling down and it might feel like you are losing your identity, not knowing who you are and why you feel so heavy. But you are just changing seasons, dear one! You are losing the old way of being and you are becoming the real you. 
Every heavy emotion, every thought that makes you feel like you are failing is the energy of the lack of love that you have been carrying within you. You have been holding this in you for so long that it now feels painful to part with. It is being ripped away from your being and it can feel like sadness and despair are coming over you. Do not worry, do not be afraid, it is to be so. There is no other way to shed these energies. Talk to yourself in a loving manner and have compassion for yourself as this is what will help you ease the process. Say it is all right to let go now and that you do not resist the change. Change is inevitable in this time and you will remember your greatness again. 
The whole Universe is watching you all change from caterpillars into beautiful butterflies. 
Change is here, change is now, a new season has arrived!”

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