The dragon realm is here to help with bringing humanity to oneness and unity

This is Melchior Ohara from the realm of the dragons. It is a comissioned spirit guide drawing that I am allowed to share from a lovely soul.

“Greetings, from the dragon realm. We have been a part of your existence since the beginning of time. We have seen your evolution and we have helped you many times without you being aware of our presence. Now the time has come for you to acknowledge the existence of the dragon power and wisdom. The dragon realm exists of unity and interconnectedness. We have a strong bond and we feel each other as we are One.
Dear ones, it is time for you to remember that you too are all ONE. You cannot exist and function without the rest of humanity. You do not yet see how much you are contributing to the oneness of creation on your planet. You need to see humanity as one soul, as one creation that is split and spread all over the world in different beings. You do not exist by yourself, you simply cannot do this as you are part of every single soul on this planet. You do not only create for yourself but you create for others as well. Every time that you think a thought you are sending this out to your brothers and sisters who receive this and work with this energy. You are intertwined and interconnected to each living being on this planet. It is time for you now to see how important that you are here and how you are contributing to the energy of oneness and unity.
You, the ones that are awakened and removing illusions from within about the self, are healing the whole of humanity. The integrations of other dimensional beings within your bodies and awareness are too contributing to help humanity ascend. You are not the little humans that you perceive yourself to be. You need to stop looking at yourself with the human eyes and look through the wisdom of the eyes of the dragon. Remove the illusion of separation of your being and let the truth shine in your hearts. We are all here to help you remember that you are ONE with us. You are our brothers and sisters. You are dragons incarnated and you hold this wisdom in your hearts.
It is time to awaken to this truth now and remember who you are.”

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