Let the Light heal your wounds

Hi all! This is a commissioned spirit guide drawing that I am allowed to share from a beautiful soul sister. Meet mermaid Amatheia from Sirius. ❤️😊

“My dear ones, I would like to address the topic of human emotions today. As a child many of you were not allowed to cry, to express your thoughts, feelings and to explore your inner world. You were often made to mature fast and didn’t have the chance to fully connect to yourself. This is why you do not understand what you are feeling now and why you get upset over things that you have no control over. You were supposed to be strong as this was taught to you because you were made to believe that life is tough and a struggle. 
You are now reliving the memories when you were a child. When you feel lost, alone, sad, not seen or heard, invisible then this is because these emotions are resurfacing to be released. Do understand that of which you feel is not only yours, it is also the pain of others you are healing and releasing. You are releasing the pain of all the inner children. You have the ability to transform energy within your body. Those of you who are on earth at this time are experienced souls that are capable of doing this. Every time an painful memory / emotion comes up within your body your soul will start the process to transmute this energy into a higher frequency. This is what the Light that is entering your world now doing within your body. The light is transforming the wounds, the DNA, the cells and all that you hold within your body. All the karma that you chose as a soul to carry in this existence is also being transformed. 
You see, dear ones, not only do you help to heal the present: you are also helping to heal the past and creating a new path for the future. You are allowing for Source to work through your physical vessels to heal the world. Your soul is a Divine Light that can heal your whole body merely through shining the light in every cell of your being. 
Trust the process, dear ones. Even if it is painful for you know and realize that you are being healed from within. You are your own greatest healers and all that is required is your own pure Light to enter your being. 
You are loved, you are held, you are nurtured and supported. We are you and you are us.”

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