The truth of the divine masculine

Hello all! This is a higher self drawing from a soul brother. ❤

“Greetings all. The time of the awakening of the divine masculine within you has come. You are now all starting to accept the true power of the masculine. The belief systems that you needed to fear this power because of your past experiences is now changing and the truth is coming to light. You are all doing marvelous work on yourself in releasing false thoughts and karmic wounds. Not having faith and trust in this part within yourselves has hurt you for a very long time. This is what has caused you to feel alone, unsupported, unprotected and unloved. This was also the cause of many struggles in your life within your partnerships and family. You are now releasing all of this so that the new and loving energy of the divine masculine can be merged within your whole being. It is now safe to trust, dear ones. It is now safe to let go of all the old ways of thinking of the ways women and men should be. Release yourself from the roles that have been put on you for centuries. You are now ready to trust the divine masculine as a whole and pure part of yourself. No longer do you have to distrust the motivations of the divine masculine for he is here to show you unconditional love so that you feel the protection coming from within yourself. You do not need to seek this from outside any longer, you do not any longer need anyone to make you feel whole and secure.
Become aware dear ones, that this power is now awakening within yourself and it needs your love and acceptance for the divine masculine will hold you up so that you can rise and shine in all your beauty and glory. See how this power is shining within your being and how it wants to love you like you deserve to be loved. You are a a treasure for the divine masculine and all it needs is your invitation to be accepted into your heart.
It is time to rise now, dear ones, together with all the parts of yourself. Love yourself with all of who you are.”

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