Releasing ancestral coding through your emotions

This is a higher self drawing that I am sharing with approval from a soul brother. Enjoy. 

“As you have all noticed you are shifting rapidly through all layers of your being into a higher frequency. You are moving up to the 5th dimension where there is no drama and where there is no seperation in energy. You will be able to perceive the truth through a wider perception and through the eyes of oneness. You will feel the Creator and Creation through every cell of your being and this will call feelings of home to you, feelings of belonging and of having a place here on earth. You will not keep feeling like this as these emotions are all just temporary. You are feeling the emotions of all humanity and all that is living on your planet. Keep remembering that what you feel does not define you and that it is impossible to be seemingly stuck in anything that you find yourself in. This feeling of being stuck is not yours and it is not a personal emotion. They are emotions from past lives and from all of your relatives that were not able to see the truth about themselves. You are now helping all by seeing your truth and therefore you are healing the wounds and the illusions your ancestors have found themselves in for many centuries. You are helping for the illusions to dissolve by honoring your own truth and accepting the wounded side of yourself as a part of the past. 
As you move up in these rapid changes you will notice how you will start shifting in your perception and how you are connected to all this is living here on earth. You will hear your heart speak like you have not yet before, you will see, smell and taste as if it is new to you. You will look different and you will not be so fatigued anymore. The tiredness comes from within your cells and is part of the old programming in your DNA. As this is making its way out you will gain energy and less sleep will be required as this was your way to connect to the higher realms. Now you will be making this connection during your awakened state through the openness of your heart and through the connection of all your ethereal bodies. There is a merging happening on all levels with yourself: all your past and future aspects and with all of your energetic bodies. This will give you the ability to connect straight with Source without the help of tools outside of yourself, they will be simply no longer needed. You are moving past all the things that you were taught. All is to be found within you and this will give an immense sense of power and inner knowing. 

Honor yourself through this shift in awareness and know within that you are becoming the person you have always dreamed of.”

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