You change the world by being happy

Hi all! This is a higher self drawing that I made for a lovely soul sister. She showed herself in perfect balance with Gaia and the Divine. She is from Atlantis. Enjoy ! ❤

“Dearest all. You all have harmony and peace within you. Your essence is already completely free and in oneness with Source. All you need to do is to remember this and to feel this within your heart. This is why I encourage you to be creative and to do what you love the deepest. Creativity is the key to your happiness because it is your nature to be so. You often think that what you love to do is insignificant and not sufficient to contribute to this world. You think that you are supposed to be healing and changing the world on a massive scale. But, my dears, change is only possible when you pursue your own happiness for it is then that you are co-creating with the Universe. When you pursue your passion then you are using the energy of the Universe to create harmony and balance in your world by you being your authentic self. Every time you do this you are balancing the energies all around you and others follow by your energetic example. All are affected when you create and work with the full potential of Source. It is not about changing your environment through the mind but it is through your passion combined with the intelligence of the Universe that you create a significant change in your 3d reality. Your energy transforms your surroundings by being in alignment with frequency of your heart and Source. So do what you love, no matter how insignificant and small it seems to your mind and share this love with others. You create change from within as you ALL are part of each other.

Have you been hesitating to follow your heart? I am here to confirm that it is now time to take the next step and to realize that your happiness is the main priority, you are supported by the entire Universe to set through. Choose for yourself, choose for your heart and let the Universe take care all of your needs.”

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