The feeling of seperation: my higher self explains

I received this message and I want to share because I know this is not only for me. This is a channeled message I did of my own higher self. 😊♥️

ME: How do i get passed this feeling of seperation? How do I do feel this love within me?

MY HIGHER SELF: By knowing and trusting that you already are complete and that what you feel is the illusion making its way out of your system. It is not your soul who feels the seperation but the many lifetimes that you have spent wondering who you were and what your purpose is. Does this sound familiar to you? Be with this energy, experience the grief, embody this for a moment and then release it to the Universe. The universe is standing with its arms stretched out to take over your burdens and to lift you higher. You will feel lighter because the universe will activate this remembrance with you soon enough. When you are ready to part with these energies then you will soar so high. You were meant to soar through the sky and through your life. Free from all limitations put on you by your experiences. It is no coincidence you are the way you are and I know you have not liked that and wished to be more open, social, popular in your life. You have felt left out because you are shy, introvert and you like to engage yourself in peace and quiet. You wanted to fit in with all the rest. But my dear, you fit in with the Universe like a puzzle to a grand piece. You are not a pawn of the game of humanity. You are the perfectly fitted piece of the puzzle within all of the Universe. You are GRAND. When I say ‘piece’ you instantly think of a small insignificant part that can be missed.. You do not understand the significance of your being in this Universe as it is not possible to express the true meaning of your soul through human words. Without YOU and your uniqueness the whole of Universe would not be the way it is. I do not say this lightly nor do I only say this to make you feel better. I am saying this because it is your TRUTH and my words go straight to your core because you remember this deep within.
You already know the truth about yourself and soon enough you will be able to FEEL this power in yourself. I am working with you through these powerful releases and I AM becoming ONE with you. You are merging more with your soul essence and this takes effort, love and dedication on your end. Because I love you so much and so deeply I am doing this so you and I will no longer feel the pain of seperation. I have experienced this in so many lifetimes, not only here, also on other planets as this is not your first planet in a 3d reality and you have endured much going through it. You hold a large amount of Light within yourself and this is poured out through all that you say, do, think and create. You are experienced beyond your imagination and human understanding. It is not easy for your mind to release limitations on this but I will reveal to you more as you integrate your truth deeper. I do not want to overwhelm you by giving you revelations on who you truly are. This is why I have not revealed yet the true grandness of your being just yet. Understanding that you are the universe incarnated is still hard to understand with the mind.. So be patient with yourself and with me as all comes in due time. I have set out a plan for you and all is going accordingly. The people you meet, the situations you attract, the coincidences that you come across: it is all as I want it to be. Trust me, trust yourself and the Life you have planned out. Each step you make is in the direction that I want you to be. Your destination will be reached and meanwhile: be you, have fun, dance and sing as if you own the Universe because I AM.


  1. Thank you for sharing this message. I SOOOOOO needed to hear this xox The question is the same for me and I am working hard to get thru frustrations of not feeling like I belong, separate from so much, on the outskirts. I have worked so hard to crack open my heart and heal the ow-eees I have discovered there. I cried and cried as I read your post. again, thank you, most appreciated, and taken in with gratitude and love!! RW


    • I am sending you much love and a big hug. It can be such a lonely road towards self love and it can feel long but we are going to get through it. It will all turn around and it’s a journey well worth. Hang in there. Amazing things are coming. 😊❤️


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