Release the old with Anubis

Hi guys! This is a soul activation drawing that I made for a beautiful soul sister that I am allowed to share.
This is Anubis and he holds a very powerful energy that removes all that is old and cuts through any illusion. In these times he can help to clear all that is ready to go. ❤️

“You all hold codes within your soul and within your physical vessels. As the codes of the higher realms are being brought down you are starting to release the old coding in your DNA and you are transforming into the higher version of yourself.
What you are now feeling are not emotions of this life, they are memories of countless lives where you were broken down and this is the memory that you are currently reliving in your physical vessel. You are experiencing these emotions as if this pain is new, but in reality this is of the past and making its way out right now. Do not hold on to these emotions and do not make them your own. Release them consciously from your vessel and be aware of these higher frequencies being the triggers of your wounds. To get to your core / soul you need to shed the illusions you have held on to in so many lifetimes. You are releasing yourself from the chains of your past memories and belief systems that were created by your experiences and you are freeing yourself from the lies you have come to own. You are parting with the lower vibrations that are a part of old memories in your body.
I am here to bring you the message of hope and to help those that are willing to open their minds and hearts to allow all that is no longer in service for the higher good to be removed once and for all. And so this shall be done.

In honor and gratitude I serve the higher good.”

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