Time to follow your dreams

Hello everyone! This is a higher self drawing that I am allowed to share from a beautiful soul sister. It is time to start taking action in your divine ideas and move forward with confidence. This is a channeled message for those that need the encouragement to set through.

“Greetings, dear ones. The time is now coming for you to step out from the shadows and to start owning your natural born gifts. Even if you feel like you have not been connected to the spiritual side of life for the biggest part you have always been a spiritual being from the moment you were born. Communication with the Universe is your God given gift and nobody can tell you otherwise. The way you use this communication is completely up to you as you are the creator of your own Universe. The Universe aligns to your heart for it beats in the same frequency.

The time that you have doubted yourself is now over and you can start making steps towards owning your passion and believing in yourself. Your spirit guides and the whole of Universe have full faith in you and this will align with what you wish to accomplish as soon as you decide to step into your power.
NOW is the time to decide to take a leap of faith and follow through with your divine ideas. When you get flashes of thoughts and visions that excite you do not dim them by using the logic of your mind but trust in it as it is given to you by the Universe. Many of you are now receiving dreams and syncronicities are happening to show you it is safe to continue. Repeated numbers, phrases, names, butterflies are all signs for you to continue.

Trust your nudges, trust your heart and move forward in faith. These are the steps to your freedom and the call of your heart to be heard and followed in love.”

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