Uniting in divine friendship

Hi all! This is a higher self drawing and message from a wonderful and gifted soul sister that I am allowed to share with you.
The time is coming for lightworkers to unite and work together. Have you also been feeling the pull to connect to certain people? It is happening more and more now.. ❤️

“Beloved ones. As Gaia is ascending so you are changing within and without. You will find yourself pulled to things you have never thought about before and you will be more sensitive to your surroundings. You will want to spend more time with nature as nature is a reflection of the love and oneness that is within your heart. You will be pulled to people that are living from their authenticity and who are using their heart to express themselves.

My dear ones, you are being brought together by the Universe. All lightworkers are being united and you will be pulled to each other as magnets because you are vibrating on the same frequency. If you feel lonely right now, if you feel like you do not belong where you are then be certain that this is just a preparation for what is next to come for you. Besides your spiritual guidance you will meet people like yourself that will support you and that will see the light that you shine. Together you will form a community that will change the world and the system as you know it. You are coming closer together and you are already meeting each other during sleep and working together on making changes for this earth. Soon enough you will be doing this together in your physical reality. Know that there is no coincidence when you are pulled to certain people, trust that you already know them and their soul. Go deeper into the feeling of trust, dear ones, and trust the connections that you are making now for it is the next step in working together. Your family is large and your support is going to expand into your physical reality. All that you need is coming to you, as promised.

Trust, have hope and don’t give up on your journey through ascension. You are supported beyond your imagination. “

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