You are now coming into your power

This is a twinflame drawing that I have the permission to share publicly from a lovely soul sister. 💞

It’s time to feel the oneness within ourselves and believe that we hold the power to create change in our reality.

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“You are remembering again that you are One: the sun and the moon are uniting and together they are pouring light into every cell of your being. You are being ignited into rememberance from within. You are gathering soul memories like pieces to a big puzzle. With each old piece that you remove from yourself you make room for new soul pieces to be integrated. This is how you are building your foundation that is based on the essence of your own soul. You will no longer feel the need to rely on others for validation, you will no longer fear of being abandoned and you will have no more feelings of not belonging where you are right now. You will stand firm and steady knowing and embodying your own truth.
You are the teachers for the ones that will be awakening after you. You are the ones that have mastered the true meaning of ascension. You will see how the mission is to become aware of your own essence without having fear of this power any longer.

This is what you came to do: you came to remember that you hold the power within to create your own reality and with this awareness you are able to change the world. The time is coming that you will fully understand the importance of your presence on this planet and how YOU are the key player to all that is happening in this existence.
Feel this truth in your soul and let the grandness of it echoe in your being: YOU are the power, YOU hold the light and YOU are changing the world.”

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