Becoming a butterfly

Hey guys! This is a higher self drawing with spirit animal that I am sharing from a soul sister. She holds the beautiful essence of a butterfly and has this message for you. Enjoy!

“Dearest all, you are all butterflies in transformation. You are shedding parts of you that go back to the beginning of times. From the times that you started falling asleep and experiencing pain. Holding on to it as a shield of protection and making a vow to never get hurt again. You do not remember this but each time that you went through a painful experience you programmed your body into making sure that you never got hurt again and parts of your heart were then shut off to receive love. With each life that came after this you started building a bigger wall in your heart that did not allow yourself to feel the love anymore which caused more pain to yourself and others. You became trapped in the karmic circle of experiences where you were not able to remember your true essence and your connection to Source. In this lifetime you are carrying the sense of disconnection to Source as a result of shutting of your heart because of the painful experiences you went through. Each time you forgot a little more of who you really are… until now.
In this lifetime you decided that it was time for you to wake up and to break all the walls that you built in so many lifetimes. Because you are an experienced soul you volunteered to assist other souls and Gaia into remembering your essence once again. You are in the process of waking up from the illusion of the pain in your reality. As you are breaking your walls you will see that this pain only lives in the past, you are not the embodiment of pain. You are the embodiment of love who is releasing the untruths of the past. Do not own this pain, do not feel as you are going to continue to feel this for the rest of your life. Do not give up on love, whether it be in divine partnership, friendship or yourself. You came here to experience love to the fullest and you will do so.
Have hope, my dearest one, you will soon become the magnificent butterfly that will live in full freedom and happiness.”

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