Your true beauty is the reflection of Source within you

Hi all! This is a drawing and channeled message of an Egyptian aspect from a beautiful soul sister that I can share with you all. You are beautiful even if you do not fully realize this. ❤️

“My beloved ones. True beauty does not only lie in the way things seem to appear or the way that they present themselves to you. True beauty lies in the ability to see through the facade and through the solid form of what is shown to you. Can you see the beauty behind your body? Can you see the beauty of your true self when you look in the mirror? Can you love every dimple and wrinkle that you see? Your vessel is holy and precious. It is a gift from the Universe to be able to be in this form here today. Your body has the unique ability to change to the perception that you have about yourself.
Do you think you are beautiful or do you think you are ugly? Your cells will adjust themselves accordingly and they will mirror your own feelings about yourself. Your precious vessel does not need to get ill when you get older, it does not need to be slower or to function less.. These are just mirrors of the belief systems that you hold within yourself. You are fully capable to see yourself as shining and radiant reflections of Source within you.

So today, my dear ones, choose yourself to see beautiful, healthy, radiant and happy so that you will become all of this. Your body listens to your thoughts: so tune in to the frequency of love and let this be reflected in how you think about yourself. Think love, see love, feel love and you will BE love.”

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