Archangel Michael: you are protected

Archangel Michael came through just a moment ago and wanted me to share this message and his energy with you.

When you read his message with an open heart and you allow yourself to receive his transmission you will be able to feel his power and love in your heart. Enjoy. ♥️

“Beloved ones, you are not alone in your journey here on earth. We are supporting you and we are with a legion of angels. Many that you know and yet do not know are helping you from all corners of the Universe.
Thanks to this channel you are able to meet with them and ask them for assistance in your life.

Our mission is to empower you and to show you the truth of your heart and the strength of your soul. It is to help you rise above all your worries and to transcend the limiting thoughts you are experiencing right now. As the world seems to become more chaotic trust in our guidance for it will never fail you. I AM a part of your soul. You are angelic and you carry my essence within your heart. I hear your every thought and I feel every worry that you have.

I will assist you in cutting through the illusions upon your request for I serve the Light and this Light is within you. I will protect you from the illusion of fear and I will remove the lies that you are being shown.
You carry my Light within your essence and I am within your existence more than you have ever been able to feel and see before.
Feel my power beating in your heart and feel me lifting you up to a higher dimension where there is no doubt and no illusions of the truth of who you are.

I will come to you and many are seeing me appear during dreamtime or meditation.
Right now I am standing behind you and I am putting my hand on your shoulder. You are under my protection and no harm will be done upon you. Make no mistake for I am real and I am guiding you so that you will see the Light through the darkness of this world. Do not be afraid and do not give up hope on this world for I am with you.

I AM you and you are ME. We are Michael.”

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