Archangel Michael: stay positive

Hey all! I received another message from Archangel Michael. Enjoy. ❤️

“All that is happening in the world is all as it should be. Trust the divine order in matters and that all is happening within the knowledge of Source. You all have free will on earth and we are here to oversee the progress of your ascension into a higher reality. Therefore do not get trapped in emotions of despair and negativity as there are many others that will try to keep you captured in negative thoughts and lower vibrations. You have the choice to not dwell in the lower vibrations but to lift your spirit into a higher frequency. Earth is a place where you can choose in what energy you want to find yourself in and therefore choose it wisely and choose it with your heart, not with your mind.

It is easy to judge those that have lit the fires in the Amazon and many of you are in a state of shock by the lack of consideration of the higher authorities or even of the spiritual community. Do not let your emotions get the best of you and decide for you in what state you find yourself in. Everything exists of energy and emotions are just a reflection of the energy that you choose to be in. Know that much is being done to help and keep the fires contained. All your prayers and thoughts are heard and all are aiding in this matter whether you see it or not.

The world is opening their eyes to what is now happening to your beloved lands. Those that were not aware are now seeing the truth. There is no more hiding of what is going on behind the scenes of your world. The fires are a sign for all to start seeing with their heart and caring with their soul. Even those that used not to pray are now praying.

You do not see the whole picture, dear ones, but open your heart and trust that all is as it should be. Much more good is happening than the world wants you to know. Do not get scared by what the media shows you, trust what is in your heart and do not look with your eyes but open up all your senses to see the truth and do not let others trick you in their illusions.

All is not as it is shown, all is as it should be.”

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