Opening of new portals

This is a commissioned intuitive drawing that I am allowed to share with you.
This is a Valkyrie named Carlen and she is an aspect of the soul sister I created this for.
They too are standing behind humanity as protectors and are under the command of Archangel Michael. Enjoy their message!

“Greetings beloved ones, you are not walking this path of life all by yourself. You have more protection than any other planet at this point. Many interferences have happened in the past that have caused confusion and disorder which moved you further away from the harmony of the Universe.
Influences from the outside that wanted to prevent you from rising into your power and remembering your truth have tried to keep you in the illusion of the 3d reality. Many portals were closed because of this. These were doors to the higher realms. One by one they have been compromised and many were removed. Your connection with us became weak and you fell deeper into a state of sleep with no connection to the higher realms or your own higher self.

Right now there are new portals being opened up for you to connect with and these give you the ability to communicate with light beings that you could not see before. You are able to open up portals yourself because it is in your nature to do so. In this way you are helping for more Light to enter earth and to allow others absorb the light codes that come through it. Your will and the pure intention to do this will naturally open up gateways to the higher realms in the places that this needs to happen. You are well guarded and well watched over, so do not fear of doing anything wrong for it is not possible.
Keep your thoughts positive and clean, focus on the love that you have within and do not let any negativity pollute your minds.
Return to the feeling of home within yourself and know that nothing can disturb your peace if you do not let it.

You are guarded by the Legion of Light and by the Valkyries for we are One.”

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