The Divine Mother

Hi all! This is an intuitive drawing from a beautiful soul sister that I can share with you.
This is a representation of the Divine Mother.
The love I felt during the creation of this drawing is incredible. I hope you can feel it too together with her message for you all.

“My beloved children. It is now time for you all to unite. I am calling you and bringing you closer to me. Please wipe your tears as I am holding you in my arms.
Do not fear, do not panic and do not feel lost in this world for I am bringing you all together again. You have lived in seperation for too long now and you have come to believe that you need to work against each other to survive. The comfort, the safety, the security is something that you are all craving for and I am here to provide this for you. Do no longer fear what life has to offer you and do not think that you are ever alone.

The world is going through many changes and as you are shedding layers of illusions so am I releasing the old and stagnant energy. When energy is build up and not released for too long then it is time to let go of them. Do not question which way this is happening for it is all happening as I have decided. I am releasing for all of you, my beloved children. This will bring you in union again and you will see the importance of your union as it is YOU who can turn everything around by remembering that I am in all of your hearts. You are all brothers and sisters who are coming into alignment with the frequency of my heart. It is like a pulse of energy that is helping you to awaken to your truth, to that which you have always known.

You are now in the midst of creating a bond with others like you. You will be pulled to those that have awakened the remembering of my love within them. I am guiding you towards companionships that are of importance for all of humanity. You will be working together, my beloved children, and you will see how I have a divine plan for each one of you. My plan cannot fail and I will not leave you behind as you came here with a mission to love deeper than you have ever been able to do before.
You will not come across anything that you cannot handle, you will not fail in anything you do for I am within you.

Trust to take next steps forward and do not fear to follow your heart for you have my support. I love you, my beloved children, stay strong in your faith and believe in yourself.”

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