Paul Walker shares his views from the other side

Hey all! I don’t do celebrity channels but here is one from Paul Walker with some of his own wisdom. Enjoy. ❤️

“Life can be challenging and it can be hard to look through things because you can’t see where you are headed. One thing that I learned in life is to go with the flow. To let things play out and not try to force things to happen. Life can be so good once you can let go of control and just have fun.

There was a time when I was worried how I was going to provide for my daughter and I was trying to make money in all sorts of ways but I always managed to follow what I was feeling. I followed my gut and I trusted in nature. I often went out just to clear my head, be one with the ocean and with the waves. This was my way of letting go of my worries because sometimes things just get too much. Too much going on in my head and it’s easy to get lost in the problems of the world. It’s something that happens in life and you forget the things that really matter.

I want you all to remember that what you are experiencing in life are moments, they don’t last, they always fade and what you are left with are memories. Make them worth while. Don’t forget to have fun: go out, connect with people and your tribe. Get together, make a campfire, sing and dance! Don’t forget about the good stuff in life. There is so much out there here to enjoy yourself with. It’s not all bad, it’s not all dark. Earth has so many rainbows and sunsets to be admired. It’s truly something that I have always loved about being alive. The small things, the things that cost you nothing are the ones that bring you back to your heart. Don’t forget them.. Nature is out there for you and it’s free. Connecting with others is priceless!
What are you waiting for? Go out there and have fun! Make your stay here worth while and enjoy your life to the fullest.”

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