Anitha from Atlantis / Sirius

Hey guys! This is a higher self drawing that I am allowed to share from a soul sister. She presented herself as a being from Atlantis / Sirius. This is her message for you all! ❤️

“Beloved ones. There is strength to be found in speaking your truth from a place of balance. As you are all coming into balance you will notice that you will no longer fall into emotions that will rattle your reality. You came on earth not only to experience duality but also to find your way in balancing energies within yourself. This is why you are currently experiencing many emotions at the same time and why you are not able to control them. In order for you to come into balance you must feel that which has been oppressed for a very long time so that when you respond to situations you can do it from a place of understanding and power.
You do not need to get upset or full of rage to stand up for yourself, you do not need to be afraid to speak your truth because you might hurt someone.

When you are in balance within you will no longer fear your own truth because you might offend someone by being yourself. You are removing the chains of oppression that were put on you. You are now coming into your power where you can stand up for yourself by simply being YOU. You are headed into a place where you will balance the light and dark within yourself so that you no longer have fears that throw you into confusion and doubt. They have no power when all energies are in harmony with each other.

You are all on this path together. Support each other by firmly standing in your own beliefs from a place of love and peace. Be the example for others and shine your light bright for it is this that will help your brothers and sisters see their own light. You are helping each other by being yourself. This is the most powerful gift that you posses: being YOU. Don’t let anyone else tell you otherwise for you are a powerful creator of your reality.”

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