Divine union within will help you release the old

This is a twinflame drawing of an amazing soul sister that I am allowed to share with you. Enjoy their message. ❤️

“Beloved ones, peace and harmony consist of balance within the energies of the feminine and the masculine. As you are moving towards this union within yourself all that no longer is of service towards the higher energies will naturally remove themselves from your surroundings. All that no longer vibrates at the frequency of the heart will no longer match your reality and so it will seem as if things are falling apart in your life.
Do not be afraid of letting go of the past and of the known for it has no more room in your life. All is being replaced with what is for your highest good and for the mission that you come to do on earth. As you are moving forward and allowing yourself to clear of past emotions and belief systems you will gain clarity in your souls purpose and what your soul essence truly is. You will know who you are deep inside and you will walk with faith and confidence in your path.
We know that following this path has its challenges and can be turbulent but you can make it through the storm by relying on the wisdom that you carry within.

The unions of the divine masculine and feminine are happening within all of you. You are all being called forth to step into your sovereign power and to the truth of your heart for it will not lead you astray. Go within and let your heart lead the way. Now is the time to follow your inner knowing and to trust in the higher guidance to lead you where you need to be.

Be at peace with at where you are and trust that you are going the right way.”

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