Archangel Michael: the truth about seperation

Archangel Michael has a message that I want to share with you all. This is what is currently happening and what he feels needs to be known. 💙

“By balancing energies you are coming into a new way of being. You are harmonizing the feminine and the masculine within yourself so that you no longer will experience seperation. All pain that has ever been caused was the reason of not being in unity with these energies in yourself. It caused you to forget who you are and to start looking for answers outside of yourself. Which lead you to fall asleep deeper and deeper into the illusion of the 3d reality. The outer world has become your reality and you forgot that all the answers that you are seeking for are to be found within yourself.

The masculine and the feminine have never been seperated yet you have all come to believe this to be true. Now you are guided to release the deceptions of the outer world and to seek your answers and your sacred unity within yourself for the truth of oneness is within your being. As you are being pulled deeper into the universal truth of your heart you are experiencing the pain of the illusion of seperation. Parting with these fallacies might be experienced as traumatic for it has become a truth of your vessel for centuries. You are removing these from the memories of the 3d reality and you are in the midst of creating a new story and a new beginning which exist of harmony.
Seperation will no longer be a reflection of what you believe to be true for now you know that the truth is to be found within. All that you seek and have ever sought for has always been inside of you: the richness, the abundance, the love, the romance and much more that you have been longing for has always been within your heart. It is available to you now so use this wisdom and start experiencing Creation through your own vessel knowing that seperation is no longer a part of your reality.

We urge you to start seeing the truth about yourself and about the Creator you truly are. Your world is created from within and your reality is mirrored from the truth that you hold inside. Let this truth be one of oneness with creation and see yourself as the divine creator of the universe for you hold the power to change what happens in your world.
Go within and seek your answers from the Source inside of you. See the truth of your soul and let change happen in guidance of your inner knowing.

Your truth is your power: it will break the chains of the slavery of the mind and guide you to the richness of your heart.”

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