Paul walker: how to follow your heart

I received this message from Paul Walker about how to choose from your heart.
How do you know that taking the next step forward is the right thing to do? How can you be certain that you won’t fail and have to start over again? These are questions that run through my mind and which I received an answer to. Enjoy! ❤️

💙ME: “How do I follow my heart? How do I decide what it is that I want to do next?”

“First you think of what you like to do. What is your passion? What ignites your soul? What brings that spark in your eyes and makes you excited? Pick what you like, close your eyes and imagine doing this activity. Fully go into a dream mode about it and explore yourself doing it. How do you feel? How does your heart feel? Is it glowing with happiness? Do you feel calm and at ease? Do you receive joy, are you excited?
Observe your own feelings when you are choosing your next step. Consider how it makes you feel before you plunge in there and try to make it happen. Your heart will always let you know how it feels before you do it. So while you are in your imagination start feeling how different activities make you feel.
Do you see yourself singing on stage and having the time of your life or do you have no joy from it? Pay attention to what feeling you receive from it because this is how you know whether it is right for you or not.

You will always come across fear when you explore with your mind and logic so tune into the world of imagination to let go of any limitations and explore your passion in another dimension: there where anything and everything is possible without restrictions. While in this space you will know how you truly feel. Take this feeling into your reality and start making the steps to make it happen.
You will come across fear of the unknown, limitations and your mind will tell you a thousand reasons why you should not do it. But just that ONE good reason you had while you were in your imagination will give you the boost to make it happen in real life! Go there again when you feel discouraged and dream about doing what makes you happy. Each time you get back out of that space you will take it with you so that you can step forward to make it happen.

Fear shouldn’t stop you from moving forward, it is one of the things that challenges you to see beyond the limitations. Make it something fun: think of it as an adventure. A hurdle for you to overcome and the best way to do it is by having fun. By looking it in the eye and saying: I’m gonna do it anyway! You know you can because by now you know that fear is nothing but a thought. And don’t let thoughts discourage you from doing what you love.

You got this, you know you do. What are you waiting for?”

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