Waves of anxiety as part of releasing fears

As you grow in spirituality, as you dare to be more yourself and shine your light for others you will get noticed and there will be people that will respond from fear based emotions and try to make you feel small.

It is all from their own perspective and their own level of consciousness that they react and this is what I am becoming more and more aware of. Of course I have always known this but with all the inner changes happening I am also FEELING more faith and strength in myself not to let myself be swayed by negative responses. It used to trigger me bad and I would feel anxiety and my body would respond in shock and fear. This is the memory of my cells and many past lives where I would be judged and killed for speaking my truth. It has taken me many years to get to this place and I am still in the process of healing these pains.

Each time I am stepping out of my comfortzone more and more and I still get triggered by some responses that are not from the heart. But it has become much less and I am able to go faster into my heart and look at it from a higher perspective, but most important of all: I am able to FEEL my truth because it is only then when I believe what my soul has been saying all along.

I have been feeling anxiety for the past few days AGAIN because I am going deeper into my heart and I am releasing fears about myself. So if you are feeling this don’t be afraid.. When you feel anxious it is just a sign that you are ready to come more into your power and stand in your light.
Don’t panic, don’t worry. You will make through it and be stronger than before. Give yourself a big hug (literally hug yourself) and comfort yourself that you are doing good and that you are so loved. Because you ARE!
It feels like I am writing this for some that are going through the same thing, so this one is for you: you are a champ!!

I am sending you a huge hug and so much love. You can do it! ❤️❤️❤️

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