Good vs Evil- the illusion of separation

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Lately it has come to my attention that there are many lightworkers that are on a mission to fight evil, to ban the ego, to unplug people from the Matrix. Saying we are here to fight the ultimate evil and to overthrow their power so that we can bring in the light and chase out all demons. Often times this comes with guidance on how to ban, attack, defend themselves against it.

What is really happening is that these souls are participating in the exact same thing they are fighting against. Spreading fear based and dualistic messages of love fighting evil.

Love does not fight.. Love is just IS. Source does not require you to fight for Source. Source has its own ability to shine and BE Source because it entails ALL: Source is balance. Source is light and dark and all the colors in between. Source does not reject anyone or anything because it doesn’t need to. Source is ALL of creation that exists in this universe and beyond. Why would it ever need to fight a part of itself?

I have come across a post in a group that talks about fighting the evil and ego. It went on with arguments how we need to change the world by ridding of the evil actions of people are that are taken over by darkness. I have replied to this against my my better judgement because normally I leave people like this to talk and do not engage in such energy.

Everyone has the right to speak their truth and when you strongly believe in this then this is becomes your reality. If you have the same beliefs and fears in you then their truth might pull you in and you will resonate.
Be careful and mindful of fear based energies and use discernment. Look at your own feelings and fears and see what it does to you. Not everyone is coming from a place of love although they might be truly convinced that they are. This is their choice, this is their belief but this doesn’t have to be yours. You get to choose what you believe.
Connect to your heart because you will not feel fear there and choose for yourself.

This is my answer to this particular post that I found might be helpful for you to read. My intention is to share what I believe that comes from a place of love.
I too have my own fears, I too get frightened and I am human. I am learning and growing every day but I do not choose to fight my humanness. I choose to embrace my fears and my ego. Because all anyone really needs is love.

“As a lightworker you are not here to fight evil. You are not here to promote duality by splitting up energies in good VS bad. You are to stand strong in your own light and transmuting your own fears into love. To see that the fight you are really doing is something that is happening within and not to be looked for without.
Although I am sure that the intention of this post is to spread awareness all that this message is bringing across is to continue to live in duality and to feel the separation we have experienced so many centuries.

Love isn’t about fighting, love isn’t about chasing evil away. Love is about believing that LOVE is all there is and trusting that you are good enough without needing to prove yourself by engaging in a challenge of taking on the so called evil. When you stand in the power of your own heart you are automatically changing your surroundings and your environment because that is what God does. He works through the power of the heart and once we are in alignment with that we don’t need to go battle anything or anyone. We simply are a representation of Source in our human vessel.

Ego is not to be fought, it is not to be rejected, it is there to be united with our soul so we can have peace inside. So we can see that we are ALL light without rejecting any human part of ourselves. We are to rise above these limited thoughts because we are transcending the limitations that are causing us to stay in separation. But to do this you must transcend your own beliefs of good and evil.

You did NOT come here to fight, you came here to LOVE. So love strong and let go of any thoughts that keep you in the dense energy of duality.”

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