Open your heart and free yourself with this offer for the 11/11 portal

The LAST reminder for the healing painting for the portal day of 11/11

The painting and the healing transmission of the 11/11 portal is ready to be revealed to those who feel the call to participate in receiving these activations!

Do you want to benefit from this Source energy and heal the wounds of shame and guilt?

This painting is full with light code activations and infused with the healing light from Sirius and Christ Consciousness.

Receive the gift of healing and unconditional love from this Divine Feminine to further open your heart and BE the authentic you.

Discover who will help you to release this and receive a powerful healing from this high vibrational divine feminine being! Accompanied by a channeled message.

Only 24 hours to sign up at €25.
This painting will not be posted publicly and is only accessible to those who sign up.

A sneak preview into the eyes of this beautiful divine feminine being.

The Divine Feminine Healing Painting

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