A yeti spirit guide shares his wisdom

This is a yeti aspect of a soul brother that I may share with you. He has a very loving, wise and kind energy. They used to protect people and children when in need. Enjoy his message for you. ❤️

“Greetings all. Appearances are not always what they seem. What seems frightening to you on the outside can be a hidden truth on the inside. Judgement can only come when you do not look deeper and when you do not see the truth of the matter.

For eons humanity has looked for answers on the outside. Judgement came to those that were different and dared to do things that nobody else could. Communicating with other worlds, dimensions and beings have been closed down because of people that did not understand the value of all life. Your beautiful world has lost its color because your vision has been limited by your thoughts. Your third eye closed because you chose not to see the truth of your world anymore.
You are not the only inhabitants of this planet and you have never been.
We, as the yeti have, always honored all life on your planet and we have always wanted to work with you for a better world. But because of your judgment you were not able to see your own truth anymore and so we have not been visible to you any longer.

These times are of great change and we are returning to you with an open heart to share our knowledge of magic. You too are interdimensional beings who can travel different worlds. You have had this ability a long time ago and now you are able to use it again. I am pleased and I am here to offer you help with this to all that are willing to open their mind and hearts to receive guidance in exploring the world that goes beyond the human vision.

Energy is moving faster than ever before and connections are made with your intention and the will to see what you could not before. You are here to do what you have forgotten a long time ago. Don’t doubt yourself: you are all multidimensional and can have all that you ever dreamed of.”

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