Let go of the old to receive the new

This is a dark aspect painting for a gifted soul sister. This is Medusa and she is there to help remove all that is no longer of service. Old energies that are ready to go. This is her message for you. 💚

“Beloved ones, you have traveled to the depths of your soul and you have seen things that you never noticed about yourself before. You were pushed to go deeper into places that you never knew existed and where you feared you might get lost. Do not forget to look up and look at the stars when you are on this journey of self revelation.

Self-awareness starts by acknowledging the parts within yourself that are in pain and that have been pushed away because it was too confronting to deal with. You have now turned inward and you are spending time in much solitude so that you can rise again like a Phoenix and soar in your greatness. But before this you must accept that the shadows that you have experienced and dwelled in is a part of that same greatness. It has served you many times and many lifetimes.

There is love to be found in this darkness within yourself because it is a part of your wholeness. That love that you seek to feel so deep inside is already happening and all the pieces that are ready to be parted with are now being cleared out. Once you accept these parts with love and gratitude they will naturally be released.

You are working as one with all of humanity. Even those that do not realize that change is happening are contributing to the awakening. All that are here right now are playing their own specific part and you are all important.
Do not look only at the shadow of others and do not judge them for playing their part. You are important and you are healing the whole of Gaia. Be grateful for this gift and to see what many cannot.”

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