The signs of the Universe

This is a past life drawing of a lovely soul sister that I am allowed to share with you. Her name is Zowella. She is connected to the elemental realm and is an Elf sorceress who is able to communicate with animals and everything that is alive. Here is her message for you. 💚

“Beloved ones, you are now able to take a deep look into your true nature and who it is that you are here on earth. You are now discovering that who you were in the past were not really actions and thoughts that fully came from the true you. You are shedding beliefs about who you were and how you were always supposed to be.

From the moment that you were born you have been taught how it was the right way to be, to behave, to think, to talk and most certainly how you should NOT be. There were many limitations put on you by your parents and by society so it is only normal that releasing yourself from this feels uncomfortable because it has been a part of you right from the moment you arrived here. The doubts and the fears set in when these old energies of the past are trying to leave your cells. They are no longer able to stay in the shadows because of the amount of light that is entering your body and you are expanding in all ways possible.
You can call them growing pains: you are growing your wings and this can feel painful. But as this is happening you are also able to trust, feel, see, BE more of yourself.

Perhaps you have been feeling the urge to change your life, to start wanting to explore more but you might feel uncertain or scared. Do not be, you cannot go wrong because the amount of light you hold in yourself right now will only steer you in the right direction. The people you meet, the situations you attract, the syncronicities you see are all signs for you to continue as you are. Trust in the way the Universe communicates with you because the signs can be infinite. Mind your thoughts, be aware of all that is around you, truly see and feel the energies that surround you. It is now time for you to use your gifts and to trust them.

Now more than ever before the Universe is communicating with you. All you have to do is be aware and open to receive. You will not be lead astray when you follow the signs. Listen with your heart for your answers always lie there.”

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