Healing Twinflame Painting for the New Moon!

November is THE month of deep transformations and many openings of Light portals. Huge releases and activations in our energetic and physical body.
It is also the month of Twinflames and Spirit is pushing me to help others who feel the call from within to help with their inner union.

The masculine and feminine want to merge deeper and come into balance so that nobody feels seperation. LOVE starts with the divine union WITHIN!

The New Moon is the perfect opportunity to set new intentions, invite new energies and plant the seed for future hearts desires.

🌙New Moon Twinflame Painting for 11/26/2019🌙
Healing of old, karmic wounds to unite the masculine and feminine within.

💘This painting is ONLY €25. You will receive a channeled message AND a meditation video as bonus!

The twinflame energy is one that is in perfect balance with the feminine and masculine energy.
💔When this is unbalanced you will unsafe, unprotected, vulnerable, emotionally unstable, fearful, angry, alone, longing for a deep connection, feeling unfulfilled, missing a purpose in life, unable to make decisions, hopeless, feeling empty and numb…

Are you looking to achieve this union and bliss? Do you want to feel this connection and clear any stagnant energy and blockages?

⚡This is the way for you to open your heart deeper to your own inner masculine and feminine and unite them in unconditional love.
Receive a deep healing from this twinflame painting to help you re-connect with your own masculine and feminine energy.

As an intuitive artist I am able to connect to Source and channel high vibrational energy that will help you to release what is ready to go and make place for new activations.
This healing energy will help with clearing the inner battle and conflict that you feel within yourself. It is a marriage within yourself as this is a necessary step to manifest your true hearts desires.
This way you will be able to create and manifest your wishes from a place of harmony and high vibrational alignment!

The painting will be infused with light codes and healing from Source that will help you with the connection of your own twinflame energy.
💞On top of this you will receive a channeled message that holds a powerful transmission of twinflame love!
💞During the creation of this painting each person will receive distant healing.
🎉As bonus you will receive a video with a meditation to help you connect to the energies of this painting!

Discover which divine twinflame couple will step forward to help you with this healing transmission (Ascended Masters, Angels, galactic light beings, Elementals..)

💥This is an intuitive painting based on the New Moon and the Divine Twinflame energy. This is made available for ALL and will be shared with others who feel in alignment with this offer. The painting will not be posted to social media and only accessible to those who sign up now!

⚡The painting will be sent on 11/26 by email. ⚡The payment is through Transferwise.
⚡This painting will be used for a future oracle deck.

All sales are final.

Email me on grozdanovadana@gmail.com or message me through Facebook me to order if you feel it in your heart. 💞😊

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