The call of home

This is a twinflame painting from a lovely soul sister that I may share with all of you. This divine union is beautiful and flows so natural with mutual love and admiration for each other. Perfect balance of both. 

This kind of painting is going to be one of my new offers soon! Not just a soul portrait but also the symbolism, the colors, the energy and the codes in the painting will be seen so that you can fully connect with each aspect of it! Are you interested?

“Beloved ones, with the opening of your heart you are feeling the call of your home. The call of your origin and the feeling of deep resonance with the feeling of love. You are feeling the pull and your home is answering you. It is calling you and letting you know which way to go to find your happiness.

You are losing your insecurity and with each step you are getting closer to feeling your essence. Your essence exists of pure love and it holds no attachments to anything that is outside of you. As you deepen your wisdom and trust in this knowledge you will see how your own essence is reflected in others. You will recognize others purely by the reflection of love that you hold within your heart.
There is wisdom in your soul, in your eyes and in your whole self. Trust this wisdom and all that you hold within to be manifested in your world.

There where you lost your faith you are starting to feel hope and the true meaning of what love is. As you start to believe again you will meet others who feel what you feel, who love how you love, who are just like you are.

Believe in the power of love and that you will receive that what you feel within. Your path is not over yet, it is just beginning and it all starts with seing the light that you are. The universe is within you, the love you seek is already there. Feel it, believe it, embrace it and receive it.”

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