Merging with all your aspects to remember your power

This is a past life painting for a soul sister that I may share with you. She helps with emotional healing and working through past life trauma’s. This is her message for all. ๐Ÿ’™

“Beloved ones, you are healing ancient karma that not only is to be found within your reality but of other dimensions as well. This is why all aspects and beings are now working with you to help you to be released from fears and illusions. All these aspects hold their own wisdom and personal experiences which you can benefit from in your current experience as a human being. You are merging all of your aspects in different layers so that you can remember who you are for your strength lies in exactly this knowing.

Each time you are taking a step deeper in self-awareness and self-knowledge. Many of your own aspects have gained specific skills through their incarnation and now are offering for you to use them to help you understand your challenges on earth. With this understanding you will see that suffering is not necessary and that finding joy in every experience is what you came here to learn.

You came to remember, you came to change your way of thinking and to see situations through a different perspective. As you are healing in this life you are also able to shift timelines of the past where karma is released and balance is restored. You are not only healing in the here and the now but you are helping for all what went wrong in the past to be changed. You are master creators and your creations are not bound to your current reality. It is like a chain effect: when you clear one core wound you clear them right from the root which can go back to the beginning of creation and it influences all of humanity.

Do not underestimate the healing that you are doing for you are not only healing yourself but other realities and dimensions which then changes the collective energy. You are all intertwined and connected to each other and to every creation that has ever existed. When you decide to make a decision for the higher good then be sure that the change is happening for the higher good of ALL.

You are an important part of this time in your reality and just with that everything can change with one decision. Choose love every time you have to make a decision and be aware that you are influencing the whole of existence just by that one seemingly simple choice.
Choose to be happy, choose to be the real you without fears of what this is like. Be confident in the unique creation that you are for you are the expression of pure Source energy which exists of unconditional love.”

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