The return of innocence

This is a higher self painting of such a loving and beautiful soul sister. I am allowed to share it with you and this message came along with it.❤️

“Beloved ones, in each one of you there is a hidden pearl, it’s a true gem that is shining brightly and beautifully. When the time is ready for you you will be able to see it and to recognize this about yourself for the pearl isn’t really hidden. It is merely your perception of how this pearl should look and feel like. You are not yet used to trusting your senses and therefore you do not fully trust yourself and your abilities.
When you let go of how the outside world thinks of you and when you turn to the hidden treasure inside you will understand what your journey truly is about. All happiness comes from understanding and seeing yourself through all layers of your being.

Now the truth is unfolding and all the layers are being revealed. You are opening up like a lotus which holds the essence of your soul. As you are opening you are shining more light and as this happens you are able to shine through the cracks of the walls of your perception. Your views about the world and yourself are changing, you are starting to see through the illusions of fear and pain. You are starting to sense the wisdom of your soul and this is what is so liberating about this process of discovering who you are inside.

There is no way back as you are flourishing into being the authentic you. Pureness, innocence, faith and trust and being restored.
Do you feel the sense of hope in your heart? Do you feel how all is going to turn out for the better? Trust this new feeling for it is the truth. It is your soul showing you that you have come a long way from where you began and it will only get stronger and better as you allow these changes to happen. Do not resist for you are supported through your transformation. You are not lost. You are on your way to finding your home within yourself.”

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