Love your broken parts

As I was talking to my amazing soul sisters this little message came up. We were talking about self love and what this really is. ❤️

“Being unhappy with who you are right now is actually a good sign because you are becoming aware that there is depth to your soul and that you crave for a true soul connection. And because of this you are able to dig deeper and the more you dig the more you will realize who you really are beneath the surface.
You will feel like shit for a while because you are facing your demons, but once you see them they change into light.
This is what transformation is about: you are seeing your broken parts as a part of your divine self. They were never broken, they were just left in the dark and ignored.
Make friends with your darkened emotions and love them. That’s how you will start to feel love for yourself.

Turn self-hate into self-love.. Your darkness is nothing but emotions that aren’t loved. Love them. Love them so hard that you will heal them. ❤️”

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