Manifestation painting for 2020!

This is a reminder for the manifestation painting for 2020 delivered on 1/6/2020. Only 2 days to go! Are you ready to manifest your dreams?

NEW OFFER : A Manifestation painting for 2020!

🎉This painting is ONLY €30 and includes a channeled message.
👆Would you like to receive a recorded video of the transmission / meditation with it? Then you can for €10.

Can you already feel the change that 2020 will bring? Can you feel how the next year will be one with new beginnings?

We are closing the chapter of a whole decade to start anew!
This cycle is over and we are given the opportunity to start creating from our soul more than ever before. No more fears that stand in the way of manifesting our dreams. It is now time to let manifestation happen from the depth of our hearts.

Have you been doing the purging, releasing, transforming of the old energies the past year and do you now feel ready to welcome the new?
Then this manifistation painting is for you! It is time to come in alignment with your soul.

This is a painting that contains high vibrational energies to help you with manifestation of your hearts wishes.
Healing, clearing, activations and all that YOU specifically need to start creating the life that you want for yourself in 2020.

The light being in this painting will help you with creating and bringing in the energy that you want to manifest in your life. Discover who this is and how they will be able to help you!
🔥Who can this be?
Angels, ascended masters, galactic beings, Elders, Elementals, Sirians, Pleiadians, dragons and many others.

The painting will be infused with light codes and Source energy to manifest what you truly wish deep within your heart: abundance, love, friends, travelling, soul missions, starting your own business.. Anything that you feel you are ready to receive!
💞On top of this you will receive a channeled message that holds a powerful transmission!
💞During the creation of this painting each person will receive distant healing and activation.
🎉If you wish to you can receive a recorded video with a meditation to help you connect to the energies of this painting!

💥This is an intuitive painting based on the new incoming energies of 2020.

🔥🔥🔥This is made available for ALL those who order and this is a group painting, it will not be posted to social media and only accessible to those who sign up now!

⚡The painting will be sent on 1/6/2020 by e-mail.
⚡The payment is through Transferwise.
⚡This painting will be used for a future oracle deck.

Message me to order this painting so you can start bringing in the magic for 2020!

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