The impact YOU have in this world

I got inspired by a beautiful post I saw earlier today. When inspiration comes then the words just flow.

Many people inspire me without being aware of it. The uniqueness of each and one of you has such a big impact on the person that I am. And you don’t even realize this about yourself. Your presence matters, your loving words and support matter. Just the fact that you are here following my blog and appreciating my own unique expression means the world to me.

You impact humanity and the world by your individuality and by your own personal essence. Without you the world would not be the same. I love you and I appreciate you more than you could ever imagine. Thank you.

This is what I channeled after another beautiful soul ignited the spark of inspiration within me. Enjoy!

Question: What is our true mission here on earth? How do we fullfil our purpose?

“Your true life purpose is all about Creation. You came to earth to create, to expand, to grow, to experience and to be the unique creation of Source within the 3 dimensional reality.

Every experience on this planet is one that is an opportunity for you to be fully open and aware of who you are in this unique situation that you are the Creator of. Every moment you find yourself in is divinely created by your own perceptions of who you are and by the rich world of your inner self.
You are the creator of your own experiences and when you realize that you do not need anything that is outside of yourself to validate who you are in this life then you will be able to create from the source of infinite wisdom.
You will no longer be creating from the illusions of your fears but you will be creating from a place of self-awareness and self-knowledge.

The Infinite Spark within you is what will help you to consciously create and align with the highest frequency in this universe : Love.
You came here to create from love and to see that everything that you have experienced in this life is to bring you back to this truth.
To love is what you truly came here to do for this is the most powerful energy to bring anything you want to life. Love is the breath of life.

Challenge yourself to see the love in all that you do, challenge yourself to see the love in all that you are experiencing right now. Break free from the limitations of the mind and see that love is to be found in every experience, every creation and that you therefore can never miss your true life purpose.

Your life purpose is to love the the creation that you are and to express yourself in your own individual uniqueness knowing that you are Love in every cell of your human being.”

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