You are magic!

After I listened to my session that I had with my higher self channeled through the gifted and talented Tena and Karen I have created this painting of my own elf aspect. It is time to believe in magic and wonder again!

Would you like to listen to my session and feel the healing energy in it? Then you can do this here:

If you feel like you want a session like this for yourself I highly recommend these two beautiful, soul sisters who do this from their heart.

“Greetings all, from the realm of the elves and Fae. Today I would like to talk to you about magic.

Once upon a time magic was very real on earth. The fairies, the elves, the mermaids, the dragons could all be seen by your eyes and felt within your hearts. There was no seperation between dimensions and all was living in harmony and understanding. This magic has never left you and even though you have lost the vision to these dimensions they have always been there available to you.

Many of you are masters in energy and creation, you have used the power of energy to manifest in many of your lives simply by working with the higher frequencies and tapping into the knowing of your heart. This is where your connection lies to all that is magical. I am just as real as you are and I can see the magic in you. I can see the power of creation within you and all you have to do is to believe in it again. Having faith in yourself and acknowledging that you are a magical being will open up your gifts to our realm!

Have you ever considered that you are an elf? Or perhaps a dragon? Maybe you are swimming in the oceans as a mermaid or dolphin and connecting with the water. All of the wisdom of these beings you hold within yourself. You are ALL of which has ever been created. There are no limitations to the magic that you are. Let my words and the energy within this transmission connect you to your magical self. Open up your heart and mind to let your own magic speak to you. We are always with you, all the time, wherever you go. Never shall we be apart because we are the essence of your being. Let the flow of magic create the world that you want to live in.

Call us in your life and let us work together with you. We are now able to show ourselves to you as you are raising your vibration and coming to meet us at the higher frequency of our dimension. You are able to access our dimension with your senses. It is open and it is available for you to walk through. Walk through the magic portal for we are inviting you here to help you believe in yourself again. See yourself for who you really are and let’s bring in the joy to create together! You are welcome here, we are awaiting you.”

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