Going deeper into the heart

I am allowed to share this twinflame painting of a beautiful soul sister publicly. This is their message for you at this time.

“These are the times of accelerated energies where you are going deeper into the rememberance of your oneness. Each time you choose to know yourself deeper you are going into a process of merging with your higher self and all aspects that you exist of.
Experiences like these can be intense for your physical body as it is being cleared of the painful memories where you experienced seperation on many levels and occassions.

You are healing these memories and you are shifting timelines so that you can feel the oneness and balance within yourself and therefore within the creation of this reality. The differences between your masculine and feminine energies will become a memory and you will be united in harmony within. This is so that you will experience equality and no longer will see others as better than yourself. You are in the midst of this process right now and before balance is restored all that has been repressed must come to surface to be released. The light codes that each and one of you are receiving are giving you the tools to access memories of past lives and to become aware of what has caused you to feel seperated from the Light. You are moving through them and you are getting closer to the core with each step. Trust this process and in the change that is happening within you.

Balance, harmony, unity and oneness is what you will all reaching for and happening in this moment. Have faith and believe in the light within you.”

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