Expansion of your senses

This is a painting that I am allowed to share from a soul sister. She is part of the Ashtar Command and is overseeing the earth and its process. Enjoy her message for you!

“Beloved ones, the depth of your heart has no measures and your wisdom goes beyond the human perspective and understanding. The essence of your soul cannot be explained in the human language so I urge you to start looking for answers in the senses that go beyond your mind. Instead of trying to understand the information that you receive with your mind start using the wisdom of your heart and the intelligence of your senses to understand the truth of what is shown to you. This way you will be able to understand beyond the limitation of the brain for it can only help to see to a certain point.

Your true intelligence lies in opening and using all your senses and it is this sensitivity that connects you to the oneness of the universe. Your empathy, your inner vision, inner knowing are all connections to the worlds beyond this reality and this is your access to communicating with us. You all have this ability and it is now becoming sharper.

You can hear the frequencies in your ears and you can feel the vibrations in your body. It is the heightening of your senses and the fine-tuning of your natural abilities. You will now start seeing and feeling more than you have ever before. Do not dismiss this as figments of your imagination because this is exactly what is giving you the ability to connect with your extraterrestrial brothers and sisters. More will come to you and we wish for our presence to be known to you without you being afraid. In order for you to overcome this fear you must have trust in your senses and in the ability to feel and perceive energy in a way that goes beyond the human experience. You must start trusting your natural abilities and that you too can connect in many different ways. We connect with you in the way that you are able and open to receive our energy. Some of you are already aware of these connections and some of you have been receiving dreams but you are all connecting to your home planets right now. The communication is opening even more and you will receive further downloads that will help you to expand your awareness and senses.

We are all here watching you and supporting you as you further remember who you are.”

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