Change in rates from February

💥Change in rates from February💥

The rate on all paintings will be going up starting from February.
The price now is €100 ($110) and it will change to €150 ($165).

The time, material, work and energy I invest in all of my art comes from a place of unconditional love and service to my and your highest self.
As I step more into my power I wish to further help you to fully step into yours so that you too can value your worth for the powerful being that you are.

⚡Have you been wondering what your higher self looks like?
⚡Have you been curious about which spirit guide wants to connect with you?
⚡Are you ready to receive a soul activation from your own personal soul portrait?

Then now is the time to take the opportunity to connect deeper with your soul through the energetic transmission of your personal painting.
Each painting is infused with your own healing and activating essence. On top of this you will receive a channeled message that comes with it.

✨Inner power, inner knowing, clearing, healing, activations, light codes and much more will be shared with you through this creation for a powerful download!

Have you been following my work and are you interested in getting a soul portrait of your own? Don’t hesitate because there are only a few days left at the current rate of €100.

For all the details on the paintings look in the pinned post or message me.


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