The dragon of the Crystalline Order

With much gratitude I may share this painting with you all that I created for a soul sister.
This dragon is part of the Dragons of the Crystalline Order. He is in able to bring balance to the grid of Gaia and clear any distortions. Here is his message for, enjoy.

💥If you want a soul painting of your own then you still have 3 days to order yours at the current price of €100.
From February the price goes up to €150.

“Greetings all, you are all part of the current change that Gaia is going through. You are contributing to the change by your thoughts, feelings, actions and simply by your willingness to participate in the change that you all wish to see.
Your energy is fluid and it travels to places and dimensions you are not even aware but at the same time you are present in your human experience. We can see how your energy looks like, how you are feeling and how this is contributes to the overall energy of humanity. Even when you are going through difficulties it is still possible to maintain a high vibration by the way that you choose to perceive things. Your energy is fluid and so it is adjusting to what you focus upon. Focusing upon negative thoughts and fears will create blockages, stuck energies and sometimes even unwanted presence of lower energies.

You can create anything simply by your focused thoughts that will take form if you feel them. At this time energy is able to travel fast and therefore your ability to create is fast too. You can create from pure energy for all thoughts and feelings are expressions of energies. Choose your thoughts wisely and be aware that you are the creator of every moment. If you do not like your current experiences then you have to change your perception and shift your awareness to a higher state of being. Do not get trapped by your own thoughts for it does not serve you to dwell in your mind.

Practice self-awareness and calmness in the silence of your own presence. When you connect to the crystalline grid of Gaia you will be able to shift to the heartbeat of her soul. This will bring you balance within so that you can focus upon creation that is for your highest good. We are with you in all ways.”

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