Grounding your golden essence into Gaia

A beautiful twinflame painting that I may share with you from a sister with much gratitude.

We are all merging with our deepest aspects. What we once saw as man and woman outside of us is actually the oneness of both within us. When our energy seperated into masculine and feminine we lost ourselves in the human experience of love. We became attached to physical expectations and we craved for love that became an feeling outside of us. It wanted to be filled up with the love of from others and we got hurt when this wasn’t filled in or our needs weren’t met.
We became part of the illusion of the human seperation of being a man or woman but never both.
We are here to remember we are both energies having a human experience within a masculine or feminine body. We are now clearing the painful memories and trauma of seperation throughout human history so that we can feel our divine wholeness again.

You are masculine AND feminine. You are balanced, you are whole, you are divine oneness within your human expression as man or woman.

Let this message of love from this divine couple be a rememberance to your soul.

“Beloved ones, earth is being flooded with high dimensional frequencies that are going to connect you deeper to your own essence. You are grounding and you will anchor the light of your higher selves into your body and into Gaia.

You are the ones who are holding the high frequency in your vessels and who are to help Gaia and humanity to raise their vibration. You are anchoring the Golden Light of your essence. The Golden Age has now arrived and you are the ones that will help to transmute the lower frequencies into the divine light that you all exist of. All the planets are coming into alignment to prepare for the new earth. The new energies and your heightened awareness is already shifting the frequency of your current reality.

There are those that are going against the current flow of the light but be aware that you are the holders of the sovereign light that is within you. As you are being shown the truth it will become easier to stand in your light and to trust the chages that are occurring in your world.

You are not alone, you have your galactic support as you have support here on earth. The divine union is happening not only to be experienced within but also so that you can unite with others on the level of the depth of your soul in your physical reality. You are coming together in many ways and you will expand your community of friends that hold the light in high regard.

The connections and the depth you are seeking for to be shared with others will be happening and is in fact now already in motion. You are being prepared to hold the light together and to spread love and awareness through the power of your heart. You are all pieces to a puzzle and it will not be long before you see what an important part you are in this ascension to remember love again.”

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