Rise above fear

A channeled message from Yeshua:

“Beloved ones, these are pivotal times. Times of change for all humankind. Now you can stand firmly in your light and you can show compassion for all that are in fear.
The fear has no chance of spreading when you believe in yourself and in the light that you are. Fear is a program that runs through all, but now you are aware that fear has no power because each one of you has access to the unconditional love that you exist of. It is within your heart and at this time the light is coming strongly down on to all of you to help you through this.

Stand together, support each other, remind each other of the truth of your power and let this unity be felt throughout the world. Many lightworkers are now given the opportunity to connect deeper with each other and with the true essence of unconditional love. You have come all this way to be the anchor for others who are not aware of the light they carry within themselves. You are strong enough to withstand this storm for you are able to ground deeply into the earth and connect yourself with the love you have in your heart.

It is a challenging time for all, but you are the truth seekers and the truth holders. You know what you came here to do and let this now be the example of how it is to stand in love even when the world seems darkened by fear.
It has no power over you, it cannot shake you if you keep remembering the truth of your heart.

Lift each other up, beloved ones, celebrate even when times are hard. Celebrate your freedom even when others make you feel like you lost it. Be in joy even when the world tells you you should grieve. You are not bound to the law of the world, you are free to feel and be the way you choose to be. Choose with your heart for this is what you came here to do.
You are the embodiment of hope and divine wisdom. Your soul is ready to be this for others for you chose to be the carriers of the divine light.
Shine bright, beloved ones, shine like you have never before and remember where you come from. You are pure and divine love that the whole world needs right now.

Be this, be the voice of hope and light and carry it with pride and confidence. I love you all, I am within you, always.”

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