Destruction and rebirth

This is a twinflame painting that I had the honor to create for a soul sister. They showed themselves as elves and want to share their message with you all.

“Beloved ones, you are undergoing changes within yourself that is reflected in the world. You coming into balance and you are shifting your perspectives that allow you to see the beauty of creation upon earth. Although destruction is part of your reality this does not need to bring you fear or cause you to worry. Destruction needs to happen so that there is new soil to plant seeds which can grow from your new awareness.

As you are changing and going through a full transformation so is everything around you. Beloved Gaia is shedding old skin and she will continue to do so for she wants to have peace for all that is a part of her creation.
In order to do this many have volunteered to play their part on earth. Some have chosen to be part of the destruction and some have chosen to be a part of a new and bigger awareness. But both are equally important to the transformation that is currently occurring.

You cannot have light without dark, you cannot have night without day. All of you, even those that are not aware, are contributing to raising awareness in this world. Those that seem to be causing harm or bringing destruction are in fact bringing awareness to those that are ready to awaken.
Change can only happen through awareness and for this you can experience extreme circumstances to see the change that you truly seek for.

The purging of emotional imbalances are happening from within Gaia and you chose to purge this with her. Beloved Gaia is grateful to have her children with her and she is rebirthing herself into a new version. A version that you all are becoming with her.

Hold her love within your hearts and remember the truth that is within you. Firmly ground yourself into Gaia and grow your roots so deep that you will be able to withstand all the storms that you are facing.
You are safe, you are loved, you are One.”

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