The collective energy: make heart connections

The collective energy feels pretty heavy and dense today. A lot of change is happening within this collective energy field and it feels chaotic, fearful and confused. There are many assumptions, theories and predictions being made based on statistics and how the situation is looking on a global scale.

It seems as if people are trying to find the best solution on how to stay safe and overcome the spreading of the virus. Because of this decisions will be made out of fear on trying to gain control of these matters. Trying to gain control means that they will use the only thing they can control: the population and their actions since there is no control over the virus itself. This means that more people will have to go in isolation and seperate themselves from connecting with the rest. Fear is a virus that spreads much quicker than any actual physical illness.

Before it gets better it will get to the point where everyone has to go completely inward and disconnect themselves from any material distractions. People will have a better view on the world and their focus will shift from the outside to the inside. Many truths will come to surface and the illusions people have been living in will be shown because of the shift in their focus.

The Arcturians: “Once the perception shifts the truth can be seen. Right now the perception is that there needs to be seperation in order to experience safety. While in truth it is the oneness with your brothers and sisters that provides you true security.
Uniting together despite of fear and chaos us where your strength lies. No virus can seperate you from each other even if you are experiencing it physically at this point. Do not feel as if these actions that are decided for you are there to divide you, they are there to unite you. They are bringing you closer to each other because now you can connect consciously to what is deep within you.

What do you wish to experience at this point? Focus on this for there are many like you that wish to experience the same like you. When you connect to this feeling then you are naturally connecting to those that are searching for the same. The light in your heart goes out to your brothers and sisters and you are seeking each other through the same desire.

You are making a bridge from your heart to others and this light is spread out to the grid of Gaia. You are making the new grid of Gaia strong with the power and the frequency of your heart.
Many of you are making these connection now and you are working together to reinforce Gaia’s grid for this is how you change the energy in the collective. Change is already occurring and we encourage you to keep making these connections.

Go in meditation and connect your light to others that are seeking to help the collective. Make bridges and heart connections through your intention and send love to each other. You will be able to uplift each other and feel the support through the oneness within yourselves.

This light spreads fast and it is much more powerful than any other illusion that others may experience right now.
Don’t lose hope even though the clouds above you may seem dark, the sun always comes through there to shine.”

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