Raise your vibration and choose your timeline

There is a lot of information that you can find online about what is going to happen in the near future. Many in the spiritual community are sharing information they receive or that they resonate with. People that are aware are helping to spread awareness. People that are not aware are also doing their share in whichever they feel and believe in. All of us have our own beliefs about what is happening in the world and we have the right to believe and feel what we choose to.

Use discernment even if it it is shared from people that have the best intention from their perspective. If you do not resonate with it and if it brings you fear or gives you anxiety then this means that it is not true for you. Move out your mind and back to your heart to feel your own truth. It is hard to stay centered sometimes because there is so much being shared and spread throughout the media. It is difficult to tell apart from what is true and what is there to spread more fear, especially when they are desguised as facts.

Use your mind in balance with your heart. If you have to then disconnect from social media and get some fresh air. Clear your mind and connect to the elements of Gaia that are always available for you to refresh your whole essence.

Start each day as a new one because it really is. Every night there is an energetic shift happening in the collective energy field. If you are sensitive to this you will notice a difference each time. We are shifting fast and much work is happening on a global level.
We are being reborn, not as individuals, but as a collective. But before this happens a purge is occurring. A purge of untruths and illusions that we cannot take with us to the new world. The new awareness will not allow us to carry hidden secrets that divide humanity. These hidden secrets and lies will make themselves known. They will be forced to be shown and we will be the witness of this. This is already happening.

What is important is to know that we have a choice as a collective on how long this process will be continuing for. There are different timelines available for us and a timeline will be chosen based on our collective awareness.
So let’s raise our vibration as high as possible and choose for the most beneficial timeline. We want truth, peace, awareness, compassion, joy, freedom, unity, love. Imagine the kind of world you would like to live in right now and focus on it. Make this choice daily and we will naturally change the whole collective vibration. When we do this as a collective we will choose the best timeline that is available for us.
This is why it’s important to keep feeling peace and rising above the fear that is felt within the human collective.

Our galactic friends are also with us and they are helping to rebalance the energies when they see distortions. They are actively helping us and they want us to know that their help is available to everyone who needs it. When you feel that your energy is imbalanced you can ask help to the Arcturians or others for healing. Trust your inner guidance and keep choosing for love every day.

This is Elven light language that I have received that is accompanied with this message. It will help you with standing in your truth and keeping the focus within to feel love, peace and unity. Feel the energy with an open heart and receive what is for the highest good of all.

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