Be the peace and calm

I have not been writing or posting much lately because I have decided to focus on the inside and to continue to work from a place of love and peace instead of what I see happening around me and reading online. I have been feeling many physical effects of the collective pains. Feelings of betrayal, not feeling safe and protected, fear of death, anxiety attacks out of nowhere. My body has hurt from it in many ways: tension in my shoulders and upper back, pressure and pain in my chest, headaches and feeling extremely tired, stomach being in a knot.

This is what is being released right now and in order for it to go it must be acknowledged and felt with compassion.
I am clearly receiving information from my spirit guides that the news and the energy that is being spread online in many groups about what is going to happen or what is happening behind closed doors is to be avoided and not to engage in it. The only truth exists of being in the moment and being present in the NOW. The support of our spiritual team and light beings is more present and felt than it has ever been before. So instead of connecting with the energy of predictions and theories that people are getting from “reliable sources” it is wise to drop it all and focus on feeling peace and love. Leave the conspiracy theories be because you think you are spreading awareness but in fact you are spreading information that did not happen and this can shift people into a state of fear. Especially those that have not yet fully embraced their own shadow aspects and are influenced by the illusion of duality. Despite the most genuine intention it can still instill fear upon others because of the nature of the predictions.

Dark VS light: it has never been a battle and it is not about winning. This is a matter of awareness and shifting to a higher vibration where there is no illusion of duality anymore. You are overcoming the illusion of the seperation and therefore all the shadows are now being brought to light. A shadow is simply the absence of light. So you are not fighting the shadows, you are bringing them to light for this is the only way to reach a higher consciousness.

How do you bring light into darkness? By love and compassion for it is the only way to return them to where they originally come from: Source. Send out love as much as you can, think loving thoughts and keep having faith and hope because many that have forgotten their light will need it. They do not need more fears about what is to come and what awaits them, they need love and reassurance that where they are right now is a safe place to be.

We are safe right now, we are protected and only positive change is in our future because we are creating from a place of love and peace in the present moment.

I love you and I am sending you so much love right now! ❤️❤️❤️

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