Paul walker answers your questions from the other side.

These are the answers of Paul Walker on the questions that you have asked on my page. The answers come from his higher self which are all from a higher perspective.

I wasn’t able to do ALL questions, but this will be for another time. He wanted to make people aware of the walk-in process as there are many that are going through it right now without being aware of it. I hope these answers give clarity and insights.

The next topic will be about twinflames! So if you have questions about this to Paul you can already post them on my facebook page:

Q: How do we 3D humans look from the ones who have past over? Do they see us in physical forms or energy?
PW:“We see you as light but we can see you in your physical form too. Our perception and vision from here is limitless. We can see the energy you are in different layers.”

Q: I’m off work due to pandemic. Our government (in Canada) says be prepared to last until June. What can we do to help society while stuck in our homes? I’m sending love to everyone in the world everyday.
PW:“You are doing great! Just keep doing what you are doing and remember to find the joy in every day things. It’s spring now and everything is starting to blossom and grow again. It is no coincidence that it happened in this period. You can still find the beauty in the change of the seasons and how nature is restoring itself now that it has been given the time to recover. Watch it all grow now, be happy where you are and with who you are. Treasure this time together and this is how you change the overall energy of the planet.”  

Archangels: is he working with them ? If so; which one(s) does he “vibe with” the most ? 
PW: (He’s smiling at this question)I’m vibing with all angels here! I have no preferences but I think Michael is cool and Yeshua too. But I am not excluding anyone because we’re like a big family up here.

Q: He is also ascending (in his own way) as most of us are trying to become ascended as well while being on this planet, but… has he given some/any thought about trying to become an ascended master?
PW:“The human concept of an ascended master is something that is needed to be reached for but in truth we are all ascended masters. We do not need to achieve anything because already ARE and always have been ascended.

Q: Was your death a result of trying to expose the truth about the elite?
PW:“No, it wasn’t. It was my time to go.”

Q: What do you have to share about compassion at this time?
PW: “Compassion makes the world go round. It is one of the most important things that are out there in the world. And now more than ever you get to show how compassionate you can be, how much you care for one another and how you can be there for each other without falling into sadness and feelings of despair. You now know the truth now and all that really matters is having love for each other. When you have that then you can have compassion too. What is compassion, really? It is that deep care and love that you feel inside when everything in the world is falling apart. And this is that time right now. You get to do this now, all that you’ve learned you get to turn into practice. The moment you have all been waiting for is now! Show compassion to everyone that is in fear because they don’t have a clue what is going on. But you know and you can be that light for them. You got this because that’s what you came here to do!”

Q: About the walk-in experience: Could he share HOW that works ? We don’t need names or ages, but I know a lot of people don’t even KNOW about it and have never even heard of such a thing being possible.
PW: “You are all here for a common goal at this point. Those that are reading this chose to incarnate at this time for the great awakening. Other souls wanted to join purely for the transformation and to assist others by their knowledge and wisdom through the form of a walk-in. They did not choose to have the full experience from birth because they either did not want to experience that trauma or simply because they only came to bring the light without any other experiences that are karmic for example. The walk-ins that are occurring now are what you would call advanced or experienced souls. Not to say that those that are here now aren’t advanced souls. It is that these souls already come with a higher frequency and awareness and do not carry the memory of pain or trauma like the souls that have chosen to partake in the human experience from birth. The soul that chooses to leave and make space for the new soul to enter has decided this because it has fulfilled its experience. These are souls that are not awakened and did not choose to be awakened at this time. It is an agreement before the soul was born on earth and it was already decided what experiences the soul would go through in the physical body. After the soul leaves the body still holds the cellular memory and DNA of the experiences and ancestral coding when the new soul comes into it. Because of the amount of light of the soul the body can then start to heal and release trauma that it has been holding inside. This happens naturally as it is impossible for the soul to enter in its full essence in the body still carrying deep trauma. So the natural process of healing begins. The walk-in knows in advance which trauma’s the body carries and which will need to heal before it becomes fully aware of itself.
Just as when you incarnate as a new born the walk-in does not remember who they are. This new awareness will gradually happen as the cellular memory and DNA are being transformed through the frequency of the light that the soul holds. The process of remembering happens in levels so that the body does not go into shock and does not get overwhelmed with the new information. You can see it as an upgrade in your computer. You don’t want to download a file that is too big and crash it or make it freeze.”  

Q: Aren’t there souls that switch right away and enter immediately?
PW: “Yes, there are. The switch of the soul can happen immediately but the download of their essence happens gradually. The body needs time to adjust to the light frequencies and therefore eases the process of the integration.”

Q: How is the soul selected?
PW: “The souls choose each other based on their specific frequency. They have to be a vibrational match because they have a mission on earth which requires to be in the same body. There is already a bond / connection before they come to earth. They share the same soul frequency and so this connection will be felt within the physical body.”

Q: Is the Current soul inhabitant aware of the happenings or it happens in sleep time?
PW:“The soul that is leaving the body is not consciously aware of the changes that are happening. They will feel different, yes. But they are not aware of the actual process.”

Q: Would the walk-in continue for the rest of this persons life or can it be for a short period of time meant for a purpose only?
PW: “The  walk-in that I am now talking about is there to complete the mission until the end of its physical existence. There are other integrations of energies and consciousness that is there for a specific task that can leave at another point in time. These are different types of soul integrations.”

 Q: Since you have expressed your love of the 3d life you lived, and your back, what kind of life are you living now? A filled one or a serious positive force?
PW:“Right now I am focused on work and not aware of what future is awaiting me. But I am taking the steps and following my heart to change my life into a more fulfilling one.”

 Q: What are the signs of a walk-in?
PW: “You can recognize you are a walk-in when you start feeling different than before, when your perception drastically changes and you have a hard time recollecting past memories. You feel you can’t identify with the person you were before and the choices you have made. Your environment, family, friends can feel foreign to you and out of place. Your job does not align with what you feel and you get a sense there is more the life. You are starting to search for a deeper meaning and you can’t relate with all that you have once known. The people you once knew don’t reflect what you now are feeling. There will be a sense of misalignment and you just KNOW there is more to life than what you are experiencing now. The walls are crumbling down and you can go through very deep emotions of sadness and grief. This is part of letting go the illusions and healing of your body. That is the ‘upgrade’ that is happening. “

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