Paul Walker answers your questions

Q: How can we experience true joy?
PW: “You can experience true joy by living every day as it is your first and last one. Appreciate the little things that people so often forget about. True joy isn’t in big things, it’s in being present with everything that is around you. Being in the moment and accepting how that moment is. Seeing the beauty in every experience no matter how hard it is because everything passes. Everything goes away and what you are left with is a memory. What do you want that memory to be like? Think about that and live in the moment.”

Q: Have you decided the way you transitioned ? If so why have you chosen this way?
PW: “Yeah, I have decided to leave like that because it was the fastest way. My family ties were so strong that there was no way I would have left otherwise. It had to be instantaneous or I would have tried to stay. I didn’t want to prolong my departure and make them feel the pain of loss longer.”

Q: I would just ask him if Hollywood still has some genuinely GOOD souls, and who is an inspiration to him?
PW: “Yeah, there are some genuinely GOOD people in Hollywood! My friends are one of those people, they keep the love going and they include everyone in their circle. There’s others like that there, they’re the real ones. The ones that keep you grounded and keep it real.
You are all an inspiration to everyone on this side. You’re the ones doing it: changing the world one by one. The transformation is real and seeing it from here is a whole different experience than from yours. You’re doing it, keep going, don’t look back! Keep going forward, it’s the only way to go.”

Q: Would he recommend living in the fast lane again?
PW: (Laughs) “Yeah, I would! I loved every moment of it and I still do.”

Q: Paul, my question is you say your life was over too soon and you wanted to do so much more. So why did you go? Did you HAVE to go? Could you have decided not too and come back? Why didn’t you stay?
PW: “When I was here I wanted to slow down and enjoy life with my girl. I wanted to experience the different kind of life. This was from my perspective when I was alive. But when I crossed over I saw that what I had planned had a reason and purpose. I fulfilled what I came here to do and I didn’t leave a moment sooner than I had planned. Would I change that now and go back? No, I wouldn’t, because that is not what was meant to be. I am at peace with how everything went down.”

Q: Was your short life in your life plan?? Will you come back in another life soon?
PW: “Yeah, my short life was planned out and I had to go when I left. I’m back here right now, I am walking and breathing just like you are. This was the reason why I left when I did. I came back for another experience, another mission. They’re both important and connected to each other. The walk-in experience is what many souls are having right now and it is done for the greater good. So I’m back and helping to do what you are doing right now.”

Q: When will this corona virus stop?
PW: “The corona virus and everything around it is already making its way out, you’re just not seeing the results of it as of yet. But energetically everything is shifting and it’s already clearing. You have to understand that although it seems as if this is about the virus it is really not. This is a creation that is there to help for humanity to shift its awareness on a massive scale. This has never been done or seen before. You have to keep your energy and thoughts as high as possible in order to keep the energy flowing towards the outcome that you want to see. You get to decide how fast things change for you in the physical by your own vibration. Keep it high, ride that wave even if you feel like you’re unstable. You can do this, because this is the moment you came here for.”

Me: Any other words of wisdom you want to share?
PW: “Stay focused on what is happening inside and leave everything that you don’t resonate with on the outside. There is a lot of panic going on and people are scaring themselves by allowing these energies to influence their way of thinking. You have a choice, even when others make you feel like you don’t: you ALWAYS have a choice in the way you feel and react. Be kind, be understanding even when it all doesn’t make sense to you. This panic and fear will resolve, this won’t last and people will find their peace again. What you’re feeling right now is part of the collective energy. The energy is settling, it is becoming stable. Trust in that change is inevitable and you are part of that change. Stay strong in your belief: you’ve come a far way to get where you are. You were meant to do this and you ARE doing this!”

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