Keep shining bright each day

This is a higher self painting of a soul sister that I am sharing with you in much gratitude. This is the message that she has for you.

“Beloved ones, do not be a afraid to follow your heart despite what other people think. You are no longer following the rules of the illusions as they are falling apart more and more each day. The system of the matrix is being dismantled just by the growing awareness within all of you.

You have planted many seeds and many are awakening thanks to the efforts that you have been doing on healing and clearing yourself from your own inner pains. This journey is ongoing and the awakenings won’t stop as the world is beginning to shine brighter. You are shining lights to all around you even if you may not yet realize or see the results of it. But this is happening right now. You must have hope for the change that is occurring for it will be reflected in your reality, but as with all things it requires time and patience to see it come into fruition.
Keep going as you are and keep planting seeds everywhere you go. Just by the way that you think and express yourself is already enough to change the frequency in your environment. Your expression, your voice, your smile, your awareness and your kindness are all qualities that are necessary to make change happen . Follow your heart and set through with what you feel. Take it day by day and each morning you wake up ask yourself what your purpose is for that day. You will see it reflected in your reality as your day goes by.

You are the creator that can shift energy. When you do not feel well or happy then honor those feelings because it is a part of the shift that you are creating. All that you feel is perfectly divine even if it means that you don’t always feel happy or even feel sad at times. This is part of the change that is occurring right now. You are paving the way for happiness and abundance to come through so it is important to be ok with not always feeling happy. It is ok to not always be in the feeling in joy and seeing the magic as you would like to. It is perfectly fine to be just the way you are right now with any emotion that you are feeling.

Love yourself even when you feel sad and know that this too shall pass. You are loved and you are guided by the divine power of limitless love. You are the love that you seek to feel. You are perfect the way you are.”

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